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What Parents and Teachers Have to Say About Operation Josh Taylor


cropped-SiteIcon.png“I can truly say these are the only books (my daughter) hates to put down once she starts.” — Pam Hubley


cropped-SiteIcon.png“My daughter is in grade 5, and as smart as anything but doesn’t like to read… Last week she started Hannah Smart, and tonight she went upstairs and read the last 50 pages in one sitting (unprecedented behaviour). She loved it … I always say a person who doesn’t like reading hasn’t found the right book. So, thank you for writing her the ‘right book’.”     — Lori Matheson
cropped-SiteIcon.png“Just wanted to let you know that I have a reluctant reader who totally got switched onto your Hannah series and it was unbelievable. She was able to do sustained reading without jumping up and down from her seat changing books, I saw her reading it while she was eating her lunch, she took it back and forth between home and school, and it is obvious now she is a completely changed reader.”  — Ms. J. Everitt grade 6 teacher- Duc d’Anville Elementary – Halifax, Nova Scotia
cropped-SiteIcon.png“I am a grade six teacher, and read this book to my students. Unanimously, they loved it! All of the students in my class connected with this book, regardless of gender. I feel that Melody Fitzpatrick captured the essence of the early teen years perfectly. The characters were vivid and realistic, and as one of my students told me, “we all know people who are just like Hannah, Rachel and even Scarlett”. As we read the book, and followed the trials and successes of Hannah, we all laughed at some situations she got herself into, groaned at her mishaps, and hoped that in the end, she won out. All of us were invested in the book from page one, and cannot wait for the followup to this novel!”  —Tom Cleary, Vice Principal – Westmount Elementary – Halifax, Nova Scotia


What Kids Have to Say About Operation Josh Taylor


“I absolutely loved your amazing book” — Ocean.

“I rate it 10/10!” — David

“You are an awesome writer!” — Raphaela

“I loved the ending. I can’t wait for the second book.” — Kaitlyn

“… in my top ten books and that’s hard to get in.” — C.J.

“I LOVED your book! Rated 5 stars (out of 5)” — Katya

“I love your book. Major cliffhanger! Can’t wait till the second one comes out!” —Emily

“Your book was amazing … I love that ending … I can’t wait for the next book.” — Gillian

“I loved your book. It was so funny.” — Brayden

“I loved your book. I can’t wait for the next book!” — Alexander

“Fantastic … I would like to read it again and again and again. There was so much detail that I felt like I was really there …” — Lelia

“… very funny! I like your style of writing!” — Nan

“… the bomb.com… amazing … the best book ever.” — Anne

“… this book was one of the best I have ever read.” — Jenna

“… Remarkable …” — Victoria

“I love this book. It’s really good.” — Callum

“I loved your book! Loved with a capital L!” — Genna

“I CANNOT wait to read your second book and hopefully there will be even more.” —Rachel

“I really liked this book because it always has a challenge … I also liked the ending because it leaves you on a hook…” — Elliot

“…Awesome! … an amazing book!” — Aimee

“I absolutely loved the funny parts in the book …” — Charlotte

“… so good! I just did not want to stop reading … really funny.” — Peter

“… your book was GREAT!” — Ayla

“I love Hannah and Rachel and I think they are great, funny characters.” — Robyn

“… really well written … very humorous.” — Julia


And the Rest of the World!


“A delightful plot-driven tale of perseverance that explores themes of bullying, friendship, persistence, and creative problem solving.” — Quill & Quire

“This sweet story about friendship and growing up never lapses into heavy-handed moralizing. An engaging, fun read, sure to please many teens.”— Canadian Children’s Book News

“…well-written, the dialogue astutely observed … keeps the reader thoroughly entertained and involved … The story is able to provide life-lessons about friendship, resourcefulness and responsibility … will resonate with those aged 9-12 and is bound to be popular with readers anticipating further Hannah adventures.” — Canadian Materials magazine

“…bright and breezy middle-grade novel … captures all the drama and angst of middle school life … Tween readers will root for Hannah and look forward to her next adventures.” — Atlantic Books Today

“… the length of the book is actually one of the things I loved the most, it’s rare to find a short story that is actually great fun to read. The story, being relatable, had me hooked within the first few pages and I just wanted to see how it ended…” — A Books Eternal Glory

“…a fun and engaging book …” — 5 Girls Book Reviews